What do kundalini yoga and sex have in common? | Aga Bera
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What do kundalini yoga and sex have in common?

What do kundalini yoga and sex have in common?


I hear this again and again, that kundalini yoga is a dangerous practice that misuses sexuality and makes you crazy.

I was wondering why there is a sexual association with kundalini yoga, because as an advanced practitioner of kundalini, I have only experienced it as the purest and most innocent practice. This form of yoga makes me feel calm, happy and healthy inside, and people tell me that it shows on the outside too.

Using the word sex might be the best way to attract people to watch films, read articles and get curious (perhaps you opened my email because I wrote it ‘sex’ in the title).


The truth is that in kundalini yoga we use the word sex in two different circumstances:

In kundalini, we say that when you practice yoga you awaken your sexual energy, which is actually the same as your creative energy. Everyone has this form of energy, and it is thanks to your sexual energy that you can not only create children, but also write, sing, paint, decorate your home or cook an amazing dinner.

Because of imbalances in our life and our lack of awareness and knowledge, we often use sexual energy in the wrong way. We might have a one-night stand and get together with someone just to release this sexual energy.  We might misuse our partner in some way or get into excessive crazy sex games just because we do not know that we can choose to use this energy to be more creative and harness it to reach our full potential in every area of our lives – alone or with others, at work or during our free time). Everyone who works in marketing knows how to manipulate us and attract us to products by using direct or indirectly sexual words, images or messages in advertising.


Another situation in kundalini yoga when we use the word sex is when we describe how to activate the pelvic floor (in yoga this is often called the mula bandha, a place to awaken the energy near the base of the spine.) If you want to learn how to activate the pelvic floor, we say gently squeeze or contract your sex organs and anus (the same terms used by physiotherapists or doctors).


We live in a fast world when people often only read headlines, highlighted texts and maybe just scan an article and pick out just a few words. Sex is gets your attention and jumps out from the page or screen. It is easy to make quick judgements about something just by seeing the word sex.

Everyone I know who has ever tried a kundalini yoga class or practiced it regularly would laugh at some of the things others might say about it. During a kundalini class most people experience feelings of peace and inner balance. These are qualities which might also have a positive influence your sex life especially when you share yourself with someone you truly love.

Check my video with kundalini yoga exercise to transform creative energy, sexual energy and use it for your inner potential.

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