What are chakras? | Aga Bera
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What are chakras?

What are chakras?

What are chakras?

The name “chakra” usually evokes associations with something mystical, esoteric or spiritual, while in fact it means a circle in which the energy channels in our body cross, gathering prana (life energy). Life energy is everywhere, in everything that lives. When prana is lacking, we get ill or die.

The system of chakras is accepted by many techniques of internal development which claim that the state of a chakra has impact on our internal and external development.

Chakras influence our physical and emotional health.


How does it work?

In our organism there flows energy that is accumulated, powered and transported to specific parts of the body, influencing the organism’s physical state, for example the kidneys, heart and throat. When a certain chakra is blocked or disregulated, it is not capable of delivering energy to adequate places.

Each chakra and physical body’s organs are connected to an emotional state. Lack of self-confidence, for example, is connected to the first chakra: legs, anus and large intestine. The state of love is connected to heart and lungs. Therefore, in the same way that they influence the organs in our body, disruption of chakras have an effect on how we feel, who we are.


When do chakras form?

Chakras form in our body already in our first year of life and even in prenatal life. First chakra develops during our stay in mother’s uterus, so it’s very cloely connected to the state of her own first chakra. The next chakras form in the course of life and their state depends on how we care for ourselves and how we develop internally. In some people, the highest chakras are not formed or open.

Any blockages or disregulations in chakras are always reversible. It’s never too late to clear, develop and stimulate them.


How do chakras influence our lives?

The balance of chakras has a huge impact on our life. Balanced first chakra gives us high self-esteem and a down-to-earth attitude. Second chakra awakes passion for life and creativity in us. Third chakra helps us in realising tasks and fulfilling our goals. Fourth chakra awakes in us the ability to love unconditionally and to forgive. Fifth chakra helps in verbalising our needs and opinions. Sixth chakra strengthens intuition and clarity of thought. Seventh gives us faith and the feeling of sense in life.


Where chakras are placed?


First chakra – tailbone

Second chakra – lower abdomen

Third chakra  – a few centimeters above the navel

Fourth chakra – breast cage

Fifth chakra –  throat

Sixth chakra – third eye

Seventh chakra –  tip of the head


Which chakras influence which organs?

First chakra – influences feet and legs, anus, large intestine and the excretory system

Second chakra – influences female and male reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, reproductive and urinary systems

Third chakra  – influences stomach, liver, gall bladder, digestive system

Fourth chakra – influences heart, lungs, arms, circulatory system

Fifth chakra –  influences throat, thyroid gland

Sixth chakra – influences eyes, pituitary gland

Seventh chakra – influences brain, nervous system and pineal gland

Each chakra is associated with a specific color, element, food, sense – thanks to this, it is easier for us to understand and stimulate them.

I invite you to my online course on chakras for a deeper immersion in the world of chakras to discover how they influence our lives.

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