Three ways to practice loving yourself and others | Aga Bera
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Three ways to practice loving yourself and others

Three ways to practice loving yourself and others


Many years ago a wise women said me,

“Now is the time for you to open your heart. You must learn how to love yourself.”

I felt so happy to hear her words, but at the same time I wondered how to do it.

What does it mean to love myself and how do I do it?

Later, when I started to practice kundalini yoga, I felt something happening inside me.

I started to release something that was blocking my heart.

When my heart started opening, I was reminded of the wise woman’s words.

Fortunately, many years of dedicated yoga practice have taught me to not to push myself

to find answers, but to trust that they will come and that one day I will understand.


It took me some time, but now I know more about the process of loving myself and loving my

life. I am still discovering the mysteries of the heart.


I would like to share with you 3 exercises, which have really helped me learn how to LOVE myself:


1. LOVE yourself


Find a photo of yourself when you were little child. Look at yourself as a child with a loving

gaze. Look at yourself in the same way you would look at a photo of your beloved child.

Your current age does not matter; you are the same soul.

Start to treat yourself as you would treat a young child, perhaps your own child.


From now on, every morning tell your inner child “I love you.”


Stop being so hard on yourself.

Instead, be patient with yourself, forgive yourself, and love yourself.


Put this photo of yourself as a child on the screen saver on your phone, or computer,

or another place where you look at yourself as a child regularly throughout the day.

Enjoy connecting with your inner child in this way.♥


2. LOVE Your Life


Do you have a memory from a certain place in the world, or a situation when you

were felt so happy, you loved where you were and what you were doing and you felt wonderful?

What was it about this place that was so beautiful? What makes this place so special?

We often associate memories of a place with the state of being we were in while we were


Perhaps when you were at an amazing place the reason you felt happy was because

you were relaxed, you felt free, and you were fully present in the moment.


Happiness is not a state of being that comes from being in a certain environment.

It comes from how you feel within and the way that you look at that place.


Are you looking at it with LOVE in your heart?

“You don’t need to change life around you, but you start accept all that you have

and you add Love to it”. – Louise Hay

Look at everything around you through rose-tinted glasses.


For the next 40 days, practice wearing your imaginary rose-tinted glasses

and start to see beauty everywhere around you whatever the setting. ♥


 3. LOVE others, even people you find difficult to relate to…


If you want to feel love in your life, you need be able to forgive others.

I know it is not easy but we need to do to free ourselves from anger, sadness or pain.

The best way to release anger toward someone is to see that person as an innocent child.

This is someone who may have had a broken heart in her/his childhood,

and is still a wounded child inside.


I also love to sing the song “Make the long time sun shine upon You”

as if it is a prayer and dedicate it to this person.


These 3 exercises are ways to practice feeling happy and loved,

but I need to practice these exercises EVERY DAY

especially on days that are cold and grey.


I know there are days when you do not feel at all like making the effort to have love for

yourself or for the people around you. This is normal and it is part of the process.

On days like that, just tell yourself, “It is fine that you do not feel love for anyone right now,

but I love you anyway, even when you do not have loving feelings.”


When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get

better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need.

Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin. – Louise Hay



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