Students about yoga with Aga Bera | Aga Bera
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Students about yoga with Aga Bera

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” I always wanted to do yoga, my main problem was finding the time and the place which would allow me to practise whenever I can, with my irregular travel and work schedule.
Kundalini is the most flexible and most effective yoga form I have found of them all.


When I practice yoga with Aga, I feel a sense of shared space and community always. I have practised kundalini for a few years before, but Aga always makes the principles and the foundations so incredibly clear and obvious to me again that I feel re-energised and committed to my own home practice.


My kundalini yoga has become the basis of my life and I don’t know how I would be without it now – and Aga strengthens this every class.


Aga is one of the best teachers I ever met and I try to go to Kundalini classes all over the world! She has the perfect balance of wisdom about the practice, authority, but flexibility in adapting to the classes’ individual needs. Her instructions are clear and precise, but gentle too, involving everyone and being restful and energising just at the right moments and in the right balance.


Even though I am “experienced” and familiar with the kundalini class, I always learn something new from Aga and listen very awarely – it is never routine with her!


I would recommend a class to anyone, from wherever, because you will have a lovely experience in the class, whether or not you practise yoga regularly or even again. I have taken friends to casual classes and they always are incredibly positive. Aga is a radiant and beautiful woman who obviously lives as testament to her beliefs in what she teaches, and has a generous spirit combined with a clarity in explaining her teachings.


Aga is always enthusiastic and overwhelmingly generous about giving personalised advice to each student when they need and gives a lot of useful tips without asking for anything in return.”

Ann Louise

“When I practice yoga with Agnieszka I feel more relaxed and present. I like her never judging attitude. She is always present and sending out a calm and centred karma. She is an inspiration.”



“Agnieszka can feel what the group needs during this particular day. She gives examples and more background behind the postures, which I find inspiring. I feel I can be myself and feel open to express myself freely. Agnieszka creates open, warm and friendly atmosphere.”


“Da jeg besluttede mig for at prøve Yoga med Aga ændrede det mit liv. Jeg får det bedre af at dyrke Yoga – tænk at det tog mig 40 år at finde ud af det.
Med Yoga bliver jeg rolig, glad og har ingen stress. Aga er utrolig hurtig til at guide i den rigtige retning, så du laver øvelserne korrekt så man får det maximale ud af Yogaen.
Hvis man er usikker på hvad Yoga er eller vil prøve rigtig avanceret Yoga så kan Aga det hele. Aga har altid hjertet med når hun underviser i Yoga og har mange års erfaring.”

Christian Møller Nielsen about his yoga teacher Aga Bera


“My practice with Agnieszka is one of the highlights of my week. She really knows her stuff. Just a few sessions of personal classes already made a huge difference to how I felt. Agnieszka is great at motivating and she is very good at listening to what the student wants to achieve. I’m always energised after the practice.”


“I will recommend the retreat with Aga to others because the kundalini practice guided by Aga is amazing. It opens your heart and mind, even to persons very rational thinking like me.
Aga´s ever presence, attention, openness and this beautiful historical place Galese made the week of retreat very special.”



“Before I started to practice kundalini yoga, I was afraid it was too physically hard, but it turned out that even with a bad back you can do it. When I practice yoga with Aga I notice I am less stressed afterwards, and I have more attention to my breathing.

What I like most about the kundalini yoga is the spiritual atmosphere and the feeling of inner peace when we are done. I will recommend kundalini yoga any time – because it is a gift for yourself.|