lemon, ginger & turmeric shot - natural antibiotic everyday | Aga Bera
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lemon, ginger & turmeric shot – natural antibiotic everyday

ginger, kurkuma and lemon

lemon, ginger & turmeric shot – natural antibiotic everyday

Injections of sunshine


Now, during the winter our body needs reinforcement injection.
I call these potions “injections of sunshine”.


It tastes delicious, and you can take it every day in many ways, for example:

– Just by taking teaspoon of the mixture a couple of times a day.
– As a lemonade
– Added to a cup of tea
– As a dressing for salads and a relish for vegetable dishes


ginger, kurkuma and lemon shot

The best ginger shot with Aga Bera, kundalini yoga teacher, yogi lifestyle blogger.



Ingredients (it is best to use organic ingredients whenever possible):

– 2-3 lemons – turmeric root  (as pictured in the photo or powdered)
– ginger ginger (as pictured in the photo or powdered)
– honey


ginger, kurkuma and lemon shot



– Carefully wash all ingredients (especially the lemons, even if they are organic)
– Juice all of the ingredients (use the whole lemon with the peel – only with organic lemons)


ginger, kurkuma and lemon shot



It has a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the body’s resistance to colds, flu and seasonal infections. It stimulates digestion. It accelerates the body’s self-cleansing process.


It is rich in anti-inflammatory substances, stimulates blood circulation, warming the body. It facilitates digestion and eases nausea. It relieves menstrual cramps and cures migraines.


Its main ingredient is curcumin, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Tumeric is also anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-bacterial. It cleanses the body and has anti-cancer properties. Turmeric promotes metabolism, speeds up digestion and prevents accumulation of fat. It cleanses the blood, helps the functioning of the pancreas and liver.


Honey is bactericidal, contains acetylcholine and potassium, which strengthens the heart. It accelerates wound healing, and heals stomach ulcers. It lowers blood pressure and inhibits atherosclerotic processes. Honey cures colds and throat diseases. Also heals diseases of the liver and bile ducts.

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