kundalini yoga | Aga Bera
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kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness


When you practice kundalini yoga, not only do you become aware of your body and your breath, but also of your feelings and  emotions.


You become aware of your inner potential and learn to maximize it.


Kundalini yoga makes you feel grounded, stable and opens your heart.


Kundalini Yoga completely changed my life and gave me greater awareness, a deeper sense of love for myself, appreciation for my life and a practice dedicated to self-realization.


Kundalini yoga involves practice of kriyas (sets of asanas or positions), meditations, pranayama (breathing exercises), mudras (positions of hands and fingers), and the chanting of mantras.


Kundalini yoga optimizes the functioning of your immune system and vital glands, builds a strong nervous system, improves circulation and enables us to develop awareness of how our habits impact us.


I teach kundalini yoga classes and workshops in Copenhagen as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Sat Nam

Kundalini Yoga  Copenhagen


Kundalini yoga  in Copenhagen

Mondays 16:45 Yum 

Thursday 19:00 Yogacentralen

Price for private yoga


Private Yoga class with consultation and program only for you:


First meeting, consultation

Second meeting private yoga class designed only for you

(You will receive a video with the practice and you will have my support all the time for 6 weeks)

Third meeting consultation with feedback

price: 1200 dkk



Private yoga classes


Private yoga class 90 min – 700 dkk

Private yoga classes 5 x 90 min – 3250 dkk

Private yoga classes 10 x 90 min – 6000 dkk