Journey Through the Chakras | Aga Bera
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Journey Through the Chakras

The chakras are energy centers through which energy flows. Each chakra has its own location, color and function. Each chakra represents the physical and emotional spheres of our lives. If one of the chakras is at least partially blocked, finds a response in our health not only physically but also emotionally.


Knowing the effect of the chakras, we are able to live in harmony of mind, body and emotions. We are able to stand firmly on the ground, to be creative, strong and open to new possibilities.


You will learn to communicate properly with yourself and the Universe.

When: Saturday,  27 January 2018, at 10 – 13:30


Price: 375 kr (3,5 hours workshop)


Teacher: Agnieszka Bera



Dalgas Boulevard 59

Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Are you interested? Keep in touch here!