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Green diet for the sprintgime

Green diet for the sprintgime

I believe that our organism is so smart that it is able to clean and heal itself. We don’t really need any special means or medicine to be cured; instead, we should listen to our body deeply, recognise what is best for us and what keeps our organism in balance.


I also think that there is no one way that will work for all. Thankfully, we are not robots and each of us is an individual person with a different body structure, different needs and possibilities.


When a specific diet works well for my friend, it doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for me. This is why it’s so important to know yourself and adjust different styles of eating, movement and relax to yourself.


In kundalini yoga, so-called mono-diets are advised for a certain cleansing period (diets based on monotonous nutrition, eating only one group of products for a certain period of time). These diets aim to support the healing and cleansing process, together with yoga practice, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.


Yogi Bhajan, kundalini yoga master, used to point out that women should not be doing starvation diets because they can throw the hormonal and nervous systems out of balance; instead, they should be doing mono-diets.


Many such diets have been designed but my personal favourite is the green diet, which is said to be best for the time of the spring equinox and spring itself. This diet is based on eating green – and therefore rich in chlorophyl – vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.


I did this diet for the first time a couple of years ago and it made me feel great, light and refreshed. Every other diet made me hungry and weak, but the green diet gave me a lot of energy and it tasted well.


What to eat during Green Diet?

Fruits: kiwi, green grapes, green apples, green pears, figs

Vegetables: all green vegetables

Nuts: pistachio nuts, unsalted pumpkin seeds

Beans: mung beans, green lentils


Additionally, you can eat:  lemon juice as a dressing, soy sauce, olive oil, spirulina, chlorella, avocado (max. 1.5 pieces a day), all herbal infusions and green tea, yogi tea, honey and fructose, herbal salt

Buy these products beforehand not to be surprised by an empty fridge later on. When I’m on this diet, I often snack on cucumber or pumpkin seeds between meals.


How much should you eat?

This diet has no limitations concerning the amount of food you eat. You can eat as much as you want.


Advantages of Green Diet

  • Great deacidification of the organism.
  • Big amounts of chlorophyl make the body feel younger, refreshed, regenerated and energised.
  • Cleansing of the organism.
  • Beautiful, radiant skin.
  • Big amounts of folic acid, especially important for all women who want to get pregnant.
  • Some weight loss (not a lot).
  • Tons of energy and vitality.


When to do Green Diet?

Mono-diets can be done whenever you want but green diet is told to work best in spring. I do it a couple of days before and after the spring equinox (beginning of spring).


How long should you do Green Diet?

You can do it even for one day but I advise you to do at least 3 days to feel its effects. For the first time, I did this diet for 30 days and I felt marvellous. Now I do green diet every year for 11 days.


How to prepare for Green Diet?

If in your daily life you eat meat, drink a lot of coffee or alcohol, gently eliminate these products for a few days before the beginning of green diet. One day before, don’t eat meat, drink coffee nor alcohol. By doing this, you will get around acute ailments coming from a diet change.


Practical advice

  • If you’re having trouble keeping the diet, first decide on doing 3 days and if you feel that you can keep on going, add another day or days (this is exactly how I made the 30 days happen).
  • Even during the first day your thoughts can try to talk you into quitting the diet. When this happens, tell yourself: alright, I will just wait until tomorrow morning (not to lose this one day of dieting). Usually, in the morning you will feel so good and light that you will not quit on your decision.
  • Have all the products at home. You can snack on green vegetables between meals and help yourself with a fistful of pistachio nuts or pumpkin seeds when you feel a drop of energy.
  • If you feel tired or drowsy, lie down, take a nap.
  • If you feel cold, drink a cup of warm water, herbal tea, put on a sweater or take a warm bath.
  • Allow yourself to express emotions, to feel sensitive and cry (this is also an effect of the detox, mental cleansing).
  • Practice yoga, meditation, walks.
  • Keep a journal, read your favourite book, devote some time to yourself.


Who is this diet for?

This diet is for everybody, although Yogi Bhajan recommended it especially for women. As I wrote in the beginning, it can be perfect for you or absolutely impossible to implement. Listen to your intuition.

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