The Jar of happy moments | Aga Bera
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The Jar of happy moments

enjoy your life everyday

The Jar of happy moments

Inspired by one of the posts I have seen in social media, I decided to have my own jar of happy moments in my life in 2018

Every Time I feel happy, grateful and I enjoy my life, I write it on the small colorful pieces of paper and put it into the jar.

It can be shopping and tea with my mom, cooking and eating the dinner with my family and friends or like today the first cardio training since many years.


I gave these jars also my yoga students and to my son, who wrote today about our film night this weekend with ice cream and popcorn.


The jar of happy moments you can open whenever you have sad day or at the end of this year to remind yourself all happy moments in your life.

Remember, it not has to be a big thing but also nice conversation with someone you love on the phone

Prepare your own jar of happy moments in 2018 <3

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